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 by Zenaida Dias 

ZN-i is a playful mix of 80’s glamour, urban, bold prints, eye-catching colour pallets and comfortable materials combined to create high quality affordable clothing. Designer and stylist Zenaida Dias aims to offer a wide-ranging collection for women who seek to express themselves through fashion.

"Its ‘old school chic’ making its way to the ‘now’ in women’s and men's daily fashion."

With a manual sewing machine, at the age of 13 years old, Zenaida started to bring life to her vision of fashion. Every stitch sewn since then has been with the aim to express her ‘own’ style, a style that has now evolved into a sophisticated collection of pieces ready to take its place in the fashion world. A style inspired by her mother’s fabulous wardrobe of the 80’s, tweaked with a craze to be different, loud enough to be considered bold yet sleek and classy for the everyday chic and playful for the carefree.

Zenaida’s career in fashion officially started while she was a dancer. The entertainment industry is a jungle of styles and fashion forms its own talent of expression. Her personal fashion sense did not go unnoticed, as she quickly took on the role of (personal) stylist and designer for renowned entertainers around her. Her growing reputation as a beloved stylist and sought out designer within her network is what drove her to take the plunge and launch her own label, ZN-i.

“I’m a creative person, I’m always in search of what’s ‘different’. Change and variation is what moves me. I love fashion, I know myself and I know what I like. With ZN-i, I hope to cater to women who are just as bold as I am.”- Zenaida Dias

With the launch of ZN-i, Zenaida Dias humbly welcomes you to express yourself through her vision and passion for fashion.

ZN-i offers quality, fashionable, affordable and comfortable clothing for women who seek an ‘above average’ selection. Through a unrivaled access to wholesale fashion accessories and bulk purchasing power, ZN-i aim to offer quality products without the expensive high street price tag. For more information contact us via


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